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A doll tied with a string by a wood support - 6 Letters

In this page you will find the 6 letters PixWords answer to the picture "a drawing with a stringed doll and handled by a wooden holder by a man" from the game PixWords in english, created by the author Dedmazay.
The image shows a drawing depicting a wooden doll manually handled by a man using strings attached to a wooden stand. When does a guy handle a doll as he is called?

The 6 letter PixWords answer for this image from PixWords in english is an average difficulty that requires little time to think. If you did not find the answer to the Pix Words picture with the puppet doll, you can find it below the image on the page.

Find the answer below the picture below

Letters: 6 letters
Author: Dedmazay, Ded-mazay, Dreamstime


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