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Statue with the top of a man - 4 letters PixWords

In this page you will find the 4 letter PixWords answer to the image of the "statue representing the upper body of a man's body, a man who has a beard and laurels on his head" in the PixWords game in english, picture taken by the author Dedmazay.
The image displays a drawing that represents a statue that embodies the top of a man's body during the Roman Empire. More precisely a Roman leader like Caesar.

The 4 letter PixWords answer for this image from PixWords in english is a easy difficulty that requires very little time to think. If you did not find the answer to the Pix Words picture with the statue representing the bust of a man, you can find it below the image on the page.

Find the answer below the picture below

Letters: 4 letters
Author: Dedmazay, Ded-mazay, Dreamstime


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