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Two women sit back to back - 8 letters PixWords

Here is the 8 letters PixWords answer to the picture with "Two women that are sitting back on back and waiting to be posed, I think. They're dressed the same: in slippers, jeans and black blouse" from the PixWords game in english, picture taken by author Paul Hakimata.
The picture shows two beautiful women who seem to be waiting and sitting back to back looking at the camera. The answer is about the women's hair.

The 8 letters answer for this image from PixWords in english is an average difficulty that requires time to think. If you did not find the answer to the Pix Words photo with the two brunette women who sit back in the back, you can find it under the image on this page.

Find the PixWords answer below the picture

Letters: 8 letters
Author: Paul Hakimata, Dreamstime


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