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A sketch with a woman walking on the street - 6 PixWords letters

Here you can find the 6 letters PixWords answer to the picture "a drawing or a sketch of a street and a woman walking on the sidewalk" from the PixWords game in english, picture created by author Rainbowchaser.
The image shows a drawing or a sketch better said with a woman who probably in the late autumn goes on a street with trees without leaves. Probably :) The answer refers to the type of the image.

The 6 letters PixWords answer for this image from PixWords in english is a small difficulty that requires little time to think. If you did not find the answer to Pix Words pictured with street in autumn and a woman walking quietly, you can find it under the image on the page.

Find the answer below the picture

Letters: 6
Author: Rainbowchaser, Rainbow-chaser, Dreamstime


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