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Arabian stand on the carpet and meditate - 4 Letters PixWords

In this page you will find the 4 letters PixWords answers to the image with "an Arabian man with a turban on his head who sits on the carpet and meditates" from the game PixWords in english, created by the author Dedmazay.
The image displays a drawing by Ded Mazay with an Arab man who has a turban on his head and is sitting on his rug and meditating. He seems a smart man, a man ...

The 4 letters PixWords answer for this image in PixWords game in english is an average difficulty that takes some time to think. If you have not found the answer, you can find it below the image on the page.

Find the answer below the picture

Letters: 4 letters
Author: Dedmazay, Ded mazay, Dreamstime


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